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Black Box @DPAC (Damansara Performing Arts Centre)


Growing up in Kabul 14-year Nazanin always dreamt of going to school.  But her father Ghulam, a lay-about addicted to gambling and heroine, sent her to work in a carpet shop instead while her younger sister, the spirited 8-year-old Laily, scavenges the streets and hustles for a living. The girls dream of the day when everything would be different. Instead, their father sells Nazanin to Sarwar Khan to settle his debts and Nazanin finds herself married to a man twice her age. She soon finds herself pregnant but when her husband finds out the child is a girl he is infuriated, and his decision sets off a chain of events that changes everyone’s lives forever.

Director and Playwright

Saleh Sepas 

Additional Text

Jo Kukathas & Mwaffaq Al-Hajjar 

Artistic Director/Dramaturg

Jo Kukathas 


Saleh Sepas, Jo Kukathas, CK Tan, Amin Kamrani 


Farzana Hussaini, Reza Hussaini, Madina Hussaini, Masuma Sepas, and Mwaffaq Al-Hajjar 

Produced by

Parastoo Theatre in collaboration with The Instant Café Theatre Company under their Bronze Lion Project and FIRSTWoRKS.

About Parastoo Theatre

I wish I were the warm journey
companion of swallows, as I
would spend a lifetime in springs

Parastoo is a migratory swallow in Persian that heralds the coming of Spring. Founded in 2017, the theatre group consists of mostly  Afghan refugees in Malaysia. Parastoo believes  that theatre is a tool for transformation, to bridge divides, build understanding, raise awareness and create spaces where difficult social issues can be addressed through creative expression and dialogue. Despite the challenges that refugees have in Malaysia, Parastoo believes in the importance of hope, of trying to be an impactful and productive community in Malaysia.

And Then Came Spring is the latest play written by Saleh Sepas, director and founder of Parastoo Theatre

Parastoo’s earlier play Screaming in Silence, a show about Child Marriage was staged over 20 times in Malaysia from KL to Penang. It told the story of Nazanin who was forced to marry an powerful, older man. The show caught the attention of many organisations and the public. In And Then Came Spring, the story of Nazanin continues. She has a child, is abandoned by her husband and she escapes from her homeland to a new country to start a new life. 

With And Then Came Spring, Parastoo aims to reach an even bigger audience and make a bigger impact in Malaysia. 

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