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My Beautiful Water is a project run by like-minded individuals coming together to want to make art about water, to talk about water and sustainability, water and human rights, water and violence, water and life under water, water and climate change and the terrifying, destructive ubiquity of plastic.


Installations, Exhibitions,  and Workshops

Main event: A curated series of programmes in partnerships with art practitioners to inspire and enlighten attendees on the beauty of water and the various issues that’s threatening it.

Free admission. Donations  welcome!



Installations & Exhibitions

“Not a Drop to Drink” – Photos from a Wasteland
by SC Shekar

“Feed The Fish” Installation
by David Lok

Photography Exhibition on Water Rights & Pollution
by Various Photographers

“My Beautiful Water” Interactive Info Exhibition
by Projek Sembang-Sembang


“My Beautiful Water” Blue Dot Poster Making
by My Beautiful Water

An open art studio concept to be installed  at REXKL to encourage public to come and make the posters for the BLUE DOT event on 22nd March 2020.

Week-long A3 poster making workshops will be held leading up to the event. Beautiful Water will facilitate these workshops for everyone to express the beauty of water on a A3 placard, and to also attach the image of plastic threat to flip side of the posters.

Public could make these posters at our workshops, or they could make them from home, or wherever they are.

We invite everyone to come with their “blue” posters on the 22nd of March 2020, to form a public installation which we will document.

For those who are unable to attend our main gathering point in Kuala Lumpur, we encourage them to also gather with their friends and family and form a blue dot wherever they are.


Market of Experience

Curated pop-up booths of organisations and partners offering experiences and showcasing projects in support of My Beautiful Water and its objective including film screening booth by KL Eco Knights.


“Puppetizer in Bleu” Walkabout


Guan’s Iron Horse Monologue 003
Artists : Ng Chor Guan and Jo Kukathas


SC Shekar Photostory Talk
by SC Shekar


When The Country Is In Crisis Does the Environment Matter

Panellist : TBC

Public Art

BLUE DOT – The Centrepiece of Our Day
The climate crisis is very real. Let’s come together to make a piece of public art about water and plastic. Let’s create a movement.
Time to come together and make waves.

Music & Poetry, Comedy & Fun

Water Siren
by Beautiful Water and various artistes and friends.


“Walking Under Water”” (50 mins)
By Eliza Kubarska

“One day our fish are going to die in toxic stew of plastics and ammonia produced by us. Like fish we need a particular kind of environment in which we can safely live. The lives of fish and our lives are completely intertwined. Man can’t be separated from his natural world.”

– Jo Kukathas, Tada Junnosuke, Bambang Prihadi

Support, Collaborate, Volunteer

Should you wish to support or collaborate with us or should you wish to volunteer with My Beautiful Water in any way please contact

Jo Kukathas, Artistic Director
Bea Leong, Producer
CK Tan, Producer

An art outreach initiative by
The Instant Café Theatre Company

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How it began

Beautiful Water began as an exciting, immersive and experiential piece of theatre making by three Asian theatre directors, Jo Kukathas from Malaysia, Tada Junnosuke from Japan and Bambang Prihadi from Indonesia, who met over the period of one year to workshop and refine their ideas. It was inspired by ecological changes facing the world.

In 2017 and early 2018 the three directors met in Tokyo, KL, Singapore and Jakarta for a series of workshops and discussion to conceive their project.  During this time they decided to make a work about water, specifically the impact that modern consumerism was having on our water.

In Oct 2018 the three directors plus 12 performers chosen from their three countries gathered in Tokyo in October 2018. They workshopped and discussed their ideas. The company began to create a work that explored the environment we are all living in worldwide. They made a journey to Fukushima to visit the site of the tsunami in 2011 and watched a play by a local company that explored the after effects of that Fukushima disaster. Playing with seven key modern concepts  – happiness, anxiety, consumerism, safety, spirituality, the globalized world and the acrobat they created a piece called Beautiful Water and invited audiences into this special world through an act of immersive theatre.

Water is the thing that connects and separates us all, they said. It is the matrix though which we live and die. Inspired by the tragedies of their own countries and by the ecological devastation and extravagant consumerism that constitutes the warp and weft of our lives, the 15 artists worked to create a piece of theatre that was at once beautiful, joyful, devastating and human.

What happened next

Two years later, the production hit a roadblock.  Instant Cafe Theatre was unable to re-stage Beautiful Water in Kuala Lumpur due to the lack of funding and it was too expensive an undertaking to stage the show independently. 

Taking cues from the fundamentals of the original iteration of the theatre piece the director and actors  from the Kuala Lumpur chapter, made a collective decision as artists to embark on being fluid with the expression of their vocation as artists. They reached out to other producers and artists to join them. They believed they could still come together to make art about water, to talk about water and sustainability, water and human rights, water and violence, water and life under water, water and climate change and the terrifying, destructive ubiquity of plastic.

Beautiful Water would take on a new form of expression in Kuala Lumpur. It would be “staged” as a day of celebration with friends in the arts to come together and celebrate the beauty of water and its wisdom and role in our lives as human beings on earth.    

They say that if you can’t make art,
make a movement.

Where will it go

So we will start a movement.

My Beautiful Water is a call to action. It is a movement helmed by a group of individuals who care deeply about the environment and the life that surrounds it. It is a call to action to everyone who supports the belief that the world is beautiful, that we each play a role to protect our environment and that everyone deserves freedom and access to water.

The group will connect artists to use their art and vocation to communicate and disseminate awareness on issues surrounding water. My Beautiful Water’s curated group of artists will band together to express their art, their knowledge and their experiences of the beauty, power and significance of water. 

My Beautiful Water aims to use art in all its many forms to create a compelling program that nurtures awareness, creates exposure and educates a wider public about the environmental issues that face us.

Art will heal us.